This week’s savings tips

A classic tip we run this week is to buy food in larger volumes. The most common thing is that larger packages of some food or similar cost clearly less per kilo, pcs or what you now count for this product.

The best example I know of for this is crispbread. In the pictures here at the side you can find a price which is basically a joke. The card is taken in my local Maxi store and as you can see, a package with Husman costs USD 8.50. If you buy the double amount instead, it costs USD 8.95. So a whole extra 45 cents to get double the amount. Crispbread which is then a product that stays incredibly good which means that there is never really any reason to buy the smaller quantity.

Whenever you shop you should look at what alternatives are available

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Some items are not suitable to buy in larger packages because they cannot be frozen or if you know that you will never use it. Should you, for example, need Sambal Oelek or some similar spice for a special dinner and you know with you that you do not use it otherwise it is just unnecessary money to buy a larger package. Because even though the kilo price is lower, it costs more.

Save money a little longer term

Save money a little longer term

But very many things work brilliantly to freeze or store them for a long time and if you save money a little longer term and it can actually be about a lot. The fact that goods have a wholesale package price of 30% or more per kilo, etc. is not uncommon in any way. If you change your buying habits for a number of things, then there is plenty of money to save.

One example that can be a bit questionable is how to make taco o kebab sauce that I was at City Gross and took a picture of. Now the kilo price is not included in the larger can but when I calculated it it was USD 83 which can be compared with USD 100 for the smaller. Thus, USD 17 less per kilo which is not bad. But at the same time you may not need the big jar and since it actually costs 5 USD more, you should not buy it if you do not do away with everything.

Then it should also be said that in a few cases it can be more expensive to buy large packages

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Although it was not so when I checked now, I know that, for example, caviar has previously been more expensive in larger tubes. When I looked at this now the difference was extremely small, it only paid 10 – 20 cents a kilo price which is not much to talk about. So it can be more expensive but it is very unusual.

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