So change your password if you want to keep your money safe

Every password on the Internet is protected by a security encryption that would theoretically make it impossible for anyone to gain unauthorized access to our data. But now it has turned out that SSL, one of the most common encryption systems, has been bugging for years, so that many of our websites’ passwords have been compromised. So, once you’ve fixed the error, it’s a good idea to change your password everywhere to keep your data and money safe.

Not only do you change the passwords for the affected pages after fixing the SSL encryption error, but also everything else. After all, others may have accessed the login information of other sites by accessing this email. There is little chance of this, but it is better to be afraid.


Change your passwords

Change your passwords

So you might want to change your bank access password, though fortunately, these systems are much more secure than email accounts or other service providers. For example, additional security features like an ID sent to your phone make it impossible for others to access your money with a password.

Almost all banks in Hungary require an authentication on some other device before transacting. This method can almost eliminate abuse , as it must be a highly targeted attack that can spread information on your computer and, for example, your phone. But such a security element can be the token, which each time generates new and unique code that is not accessible to others before each transaction.


What about mobile apps?

What about mobile apps?

Mobile banking is another thing, only token identification remains just as secure. It’s easy to see that anyone who has access to a mobile password can also read sms. That’s why security features like phone identification have been invented, so when you can do things from a particular device. In this case, getting the data is not enough, you also need the phone.


What happened now?

What happened now?

Due to a problem with SSL encryption, they could not get the data from our machine, but from different websites. This is a situation where no good antivirus will help. Affected sites such as Yahoo, Paypal, Amazon or Tumblr have already warned, but everyone should change their passwords that have been linked to these or other affected sites.

What a good password

What a good passwordWhat a good password

A good password should contain as many characters as possible. It’s best to create one for yourself using a code generator, but these are very hard to remember.

The point is to always try to guess the most complex passwords, including special characters, case-sensitive and numeric.

So, change your passwords now, and try to be as secure as possible in the future by choosing your passwords properly.

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